Data Engineer

New York, United States


Loeb Enterprises invests in promising early stage startups and helps them achieve their potential by providing in-house shared services. Loeb uses a shared services model consisting of a wide variety of teams, including marketing, product, accounting, administrative, data analysis, software engineering, etc. The team is available to assist and consult with all companies within the portfolio.

One of the shared services teams that has proven to be in high demand has been our Analytics Team. As it has grown in size it has been segmented into three main divisions: Business Intelligence, Data Science, and Data Engineering. As more companies have data-driven strategies and products, we are working to scale out all divisions, but most especially the data science team.

As a member of the Data Engineering team, you will have an opportunity to tackle the most difficult data challenges that Loeb Enterprises encounters. You will work with structured and unstructured data, from a wide variety of different industries, involving many disparate tools. A good data engineer is able to discuss solution strategies for how to model and store data, as well as provide support in implementation. The day-to-day work for a data engineer spans activities that range from database administration to full-on development.

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